The motto for Tom Lüthi on Sunday is clear: in Front of Alex Marquez come to the finish, then the world title at the Showdown in Valencia is still possible.

in fact, there are bike-Tom Gas: The Emmentaler’s dark in Sepang of 5. Place on the podium, third. And rises in the third race in a row on the podium.

However, this is only a consolation: Alex Marquez (23), the younger brother of MotoGP Star Marc Marquez (26), classified prior to Lüthi, is behind the South African Brad Binder, the Second.

The wars with the supposed Showdown in Valencia in two weeks – the championship Leader, Marquez cannot be overtaken in the last race. The Spaniard celebrates his first Moto2 title. Five years ago, he was already in the Moto3 world champion.

Luthi congratulates and says: “I’m a little sad that I couldn’t keep the fight up to the last race. Congratulations to Alex. But I’m happy with the podium, I was the whole race at the Limit. The two in the front were really fast today.”

Not in front of the other Swiss mix with: Dominique Aegerter (29) get 15. after all, a point – Jesko Raffin (23) is 20. What is the Swiss bike-Fan is much more likely in memory: Luthi’s catching up on Marquez has ended, his dream of a second world title of the career (after 2005 in the 125cc class), this year blew.

The championship standings before the last race in the Moto2

1. Alex Marquez 262

2. Brad Binder 234

3. Tom Lüthi 230

victory in the king’s class goes to Vinales

Maverick Vinales ends with his victory in the MotoGP, the bike weekend in Malaysia. The Spaniard wins in front of compatriot Marc Marquez, of his bad 11. Start course (crash in qualifying) makes in the first round of betting.

As brother Alex (23) in the Moto2 Marc Marquez (26) is in Sepang so the Second. This year’s world championship title he secured, however, already much earlier than his younger brother: already at the beginning of October in Thailand. (str)