The top dogs around Kik, Tedi and Co. will soon have to dress warmer: As the “Welt” reports, the Polish discounter Pepco is planning a massive expansion in Germany. In the next few years, the chain’s branch network in Germany is set to grow to over 2,000 locations. For comparison: Kik currently operates 2,700 branches in Germany, and Tedi has 2,500.

According to Pepco, all German cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants are eligible. Initially, the focus should be primarily on the East German market. It will take at least three to four years for the 2,000 locations in Germany to be completed.

For ladies, gentlemen

Pepco’s announced expansion plans are surprising for many industry insiders. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, many non-food discounters have been struggling. The war in Ukraine and the resulting decline in many customers’ desire to buy have reinforced this effect.

In recent months, many competitors such as Primark have announced branch closures. Many customers are increasingly placing their orders online and avoid going to the branches.

However, Pepco sees the situation calmly. The main focus is on inexpensive clothing as well as household and decorative items. “We don’t see any direct competitors in this regard,” said German expansion officer Manuela Gräber to “Welt”.

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