On the portal “Learn Moscow” appeared online quest , dedicated to the Day of medical worker. Answering the questions of the virtual game, the users will get acquainted with the legendary doctors who glorified the Russian medicine, learn about their achievements, inventions and contribution to world science.

the First question will take the quest participants to the Chief military clinical hospital named after academician N. N. Burdenko. Here in the courtyard, a sculptural composition is “Peter and Dr. Nicholas Bidloo” authorship Leonid Baranov. (1669-1735) — a Dutch doctor of medicine and court physician of the Russian Emperor. With his life in Moscow is a significant event in the history of domestic medicine. What exactly need to respond to portal users.

the Next task dedicated (1810-1881) Russian surgeon, scientist and anatomist, a naturalist and teacher, and Professor and Creator of the first Atlas of topographic anatomy, the founder of the Russian military-field surgery. During the Crimean war of 1853-1856 Pies for the first time in the history of Russian medicine has applied a plaster bandage, giving rise to saving tactics of treatment of injuries of the extremities and sparing of many officers and soldiers from amputation. The participants of the online game to call another achievement, which recognized Pirogov status of the great physician.

Another eminent Russian surgeon about whom speech will go , — (1874-1948). Methods of pain relief and wound treatment proposed by the doctor, played a huge role during the great Patriotic war, saved thousands of Soviet soldiers. The participants of the online quiz will have to remember how the invention of glorified name Vishnevsky.

in addition, portal users will be able to know what a fun tradition still exists in the graduates of the First Moscow state University named after I. M. Sechenov, what nickname was popularly Moscow doctor and a philanthropist and many other interesting little-known facts about the capital’s medicine and physicians.

the Day of medical worker is celebrated in Russia every third Sunday of June (this year — 21 th). At the official level, was approved in 1980. At this time, the Day of the doctor will be specifically honoring medical workers who fought and continue to fight the spread of coronavirus infection. So, from 15th of June in Moscow started the action , during which everyone can thank the doctors for their hard work.

in addition, the city will take action.

At the Ostankino TV tower and the facade of the Smolensk bridge, platforms, ISC and IDC appears congratulations. Boulevards will open the exhibitions.

the Portal “Learn Moscow” is a joint project of the city government departments of information technology, toulture, cultural heritage, education and science. Interactive guide to the city attractions contains descriptions of more than two thousand buildings and structures, museums, 328, 196 and 208 for information about historic persons and 128 thematic walking routes.

For fans of quizzes on the portal is collected . Among them — online-quest to the places where was filmed the famous Soviet comedies. Answering 10 questions a virtual game, users will learn where she studied the heroine of the film “Come tomorrow” Frosya Burlakova and what street admired Ivan the terrible from the balcony of flats in one of the scenes of the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession.” Recently, the portal was a quest dedicated to attractions different cities of Russia.

Users also available the same application for smartphones that you can download in the App Store and Google Play.

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