Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in Nevada has grown to over 20,000 votes with just eight percent of ballots remaining to be counted, boosting his odds of victory in one of several states where President Trump is challenging results.

Biden is leading Trump in Nevada by 1.7 percentage points, at 49.8-48.1 percent, according to ballot data reported Friday by Edison Research. The former vice president’s lead doubled earlier Friday to more than 22,000 votes, but the latest tally narrowed his advantage to 20,552.

With Biden also taking leads Friday in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, he’s likely on track to accumulate the 270 electoral votes needed to defeat Trump. In fact, based on the states that have been called for Biden by media outlets, Nevada alone would push him to 270 with the state’s six electoral votes.

Nevada’s Republican Party filed suit against the state late on Thursday to block counting of the votes that it alleges to be illegal. Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, said the Trump campaign has passed on evidence of illegal voting in Nevada to the US Department of Justice as a criminal referral.

We shared it. And gave it to DOJ as a criminal referral. So why aren’t you reporting it?! Where’s the journalism, @jacobsoboroff?

Following media reports earlier today that Biden’s Nevada lead had doubled to 22,000 votes, the state’s Republican Party said 140,000 remained to be counted. Between the latest updates from Edison, during which the estimate of uncounted ballots was cut to eight percent from nine percent, Trump had a net gain of 1,657 votes.

Wrong. There are still ~140,000 ballots left to count.

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