the unpaid Leave, which was forced to take the music industry, many artists became an inspiration. True inspiration is not always ensures a fun song. The participants of the “Bi-2” has released a new single with a very eloquent name “Depression”. However the title of musicians, creating songs on the topic Leva and Shura is not deserved, because the words to the song were written peace last fall.

And yet the line “get out of the house of hopeless depression” as if taken from the news lately trying to do optimistic, but this optimism is very much like a bitter smile.

“Depression” as a combination of words and music is unlikely to bring even the most sensitive of music lovers to the immediate purchase of antidepressants, but fun this song is still not called. Especially in set with removed in the conditions of self-isolation clip, where dreary apartment buildings are served, interspersed with postcard views of European cities and everyone knows that in the near future these cards will be our travels.

the New song is the second track from the upcoming album “Bi-2” and, together with sounding in the spirit of alternative rock of the nineties the first single “Hell” continues to sculpt the painting in gloomy colours. In an interview, “ZD” Leva and Shura said that never identify themselves to the authors of cheerful songs, but tend to do albums “Bi-2” very diverse in content. Probably the fans expect more surprises.

Meanwhile, Alexander Krasovitsky, the leader of another-not the most cheerful of the group “Animal Jazz” told the other day that during the isolation has written two dozens of songs and they all turned out very depressing. However, the musician is not sure the fate of their quarantine works and does not yet know whether they will be recorded and will become part of the group’s concerts. But from what was left in the table it can be noted the song “Temple”, which Krasovitsky recorded under his side project of Zero People. Happened not too far from pop, but the darkness and sadness sit side by side with the uplifting mood and the confidence that people have the strength to stand, even when it seems like these anymore.

it is difficult to predict the impact of quarantine decadent mood in pop and rock music. It is unlikely that they will change beyond recognition the local mainstream. Still, groups like “Bi-2” or “Animal Jazz”, as well as other artists with more experience and ability to vary tasks, which themselves pose, always consider a lot of factors, recording and releasing new songs. And any trends and sentiments for them a reason to pay attention to it, but not to make his new doctrine.

At the same time, informal youth, which��and can afford to sing about what he sees and feels, not noticing any underwater stone, plunged in not the most cheerful of soul-searching before we all end up in isolation.

dark New wave music emerged not so long ago, but it was now as if, all the conditions in order for artists like DenDerty, “Tim is Looking for the Light” or one of the informal favorites of the season “Hadn of Didn” became very popular. Local hip-hop depreciates rapidly like bought by emotional impulse, but it is not the right stuff. And on change to show-off and the poor rhymes come again songs in their classic form.

Longing and hopelessness, which is generously filled with the works of many new groups are a logical reaction to the political chaos and a media nightmare that is the daily background of our lives over the past years. And change moonlandscape accepted by consumers with growing enthusiasm in what is nothing sensational. In show business, very often it happens that the more depression in the songs, the more joy these pieces bring to the public.