As the highlight of their three-day celebrations, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) and journalist Franca Lehfeldt also said yes in church on Sylt. Two stars of the VOX show “Between Tulle and Tears” are now judging designer Kate Halfpenny’s wedding dress for

On Saturday afternoon (09 July) around 4.30 p.m. the time had come: the bride, who had already been awaited by numerous onlookers and photographers, appeared at the Church of St. Severin on the North Sea island of Sylt. And again, the journalist Franca Lehfeldt (33) provided a real wow moment with the choice of her outfit.

After she and Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner (43) had already married in a civil registry office on Thursday (July 7th), the highlight of the celebrations was the yes-word in the church. The bride, who drove up in the black convertible, wore an off-white silk halterneck dress with a very, very low back. Only a large bow fell under her long brown hair, which she wore loose and in big waves, down her free back. The dress had a long, obviously detachable train. spoke to two long-standing experts in bridal fashion about the luxury robe. Maritta Emser (72) and Uwe Herrmann (59) run their own wedding dress shops and are the stars of the popular VOX show “Between Tulle and Tears”, which accompanies brides in their search for clothes.

Maritta Emser considers Lehfeldt’s choice to be more than successful, because the robe suits her perfectly. “She is a very modern young woman who is in the middle of life, is successful and therefore has a very specific attitude towards fashion and also towards her wedding dress,” she emphasizes.

“I experience this very often: Women who are in the middle of life reach for simple, highly elegant dresses that are particularly effective because of the cut. This is also the case with her. The halterneck with the low back is sophisticated. The silk satin dress has a side slit. It was layered like a petal and had a longer train at the back. I reckon it was about eight feet long.”

According to “”, the wedding dress was a creation of the British label “Halfpenny London”. Apparently it is the “Cheryl” model. At London’s luxury department store Harrods, one is currently being offered for 3950 British pounds (4666 euros).

However, Lehfeldt did not wear a veil – Maritta Emser also thinks that is correct. “Basically, a fascinator for this dress would have been conceivable. But as a type of bride, I would not have recommended either the veil or a veil to her. It wouldn’t have suited her,” said Emser, who is also known for her unusual glasses on the VOX show.

Instead, Lehfeldt relied on other details such as the “beautiful bridal bouquet”, “sweet little earrings” and her hairstyle. Emser’s verdict is therefore: “Everything just suited her. That was pure Hollywood. Everything was perfectly coordinated.”

Her Dresden colleague Uwe Herrmann is also enthusiastic about the bridal look. “Everything is very coherent and well thought out,” he emphasizes. He also thinks the dress is very “authentic” and that it suits the bride.

“It is made of very high quality satin, there is a long bow on the back. This allows her to emphasize her well-trained shoulders and back,” explains the expert.

“There is a slip, so to speak, that has slits, over which lies an open skirt that has blown in the wind. This makes the legs look very nice. The straps of the shoes pick up the halterneck again. You have a closed circle, so to speak, which is very beautiful and noble. And that train skirt is obviously detachable,” says the bridal outfitter.

Herrmann says of British designer Kate Halfpenny: “She works with strong silhouettes and crazy techniques. It’s always dresses that are exquisite and beautiful to look at, but also a bit rebellious.”

The audience favorite from “Between Tulle and Tears” explains why the wedding dress goes so well with Franca Lehfeldt: “Women like her don’t wear princess dresses, they wear dresses that are smart and have something special.” Her dress is “elegant, cheeky and sexy”.

Although it was windy on Sylt on Saturday and the temperatures of 16 degrees weren’t exactly summery, Herrmann doesn’t see a disadvantage in that either – on the contrary: “The temperatures and the wind create a youthful freshness on the face, you will have very nice wedding photos. A catastrophe would be 30 degrees, then you often don’t see such nice photos.” But the men could have left their jackets on and the women didn’t have to worry about their make-up.

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Franca Lehfeldt wore a luxury gown by London designer Kate Halfpenny at her church wedding to Christian Lindner. It is also thanks to Princess Diana that the Brit designs bridal fashion today.

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