Today, from Tuapse to Gagra for the first time went on the tourist train “Sochi”. Correspondent “RG” went on a little trip.

On the platform of the railway station of the city-resort of passengers greeted the distinguished guests, a brass band and conductors with balloons. From Tuapse train departed at 5.20, from Sochi wagons moved off at 8.00, and Gagra train arrived at 11.30. It is noteworthy that from the press the passengers were offered fresh “Russian newspaper” and the newspaper “Gudok” from August 15, 1980.

– the media has dubbed this part of the village, but we call it the tourist, stylized under our corporate identity, – said Deputy General Director of Russian Railways, Dmitry Pegov. – There are four class of service – SV, compartment, reserved seats and sitting places, there are also two dining car. In addition, there is wi-fi and power sockets, which is especially important for the black sea coast, air conditioners with additional generators.

as for trains, it is the old part, the last overhaul in the Tver carriage works. Interestingly, the dining cars styled under the Soviet era. Menu among other things – champagne “Soviet”, pancakes with caviar, pancakes, scrambled eggs, the national dish, for example, adzhapsandal and fried Suluguni. There are gift sets in the bag with sprats in oil, sprats in tomato sauce, condensed milk, cheese “Druzhba”, mineral water and lemonade.

– Abkhazia popular among the guests of our resort. Almost every fourth tourist, who visited Sochi, takes a tour to a neighbouring country, – said the mayor of Sochi, Alexey Kopaigorodsky.

– Abkhazia will develop in the tourism sector – said the head of the Abkhazian railway Miron Agrba. – The train Tuapse – Gagra – is the ability to comfortably get from one resort to another.

According to the Muscovites Arcadia and Catherine Mogilnykh have a rest in Sochi with his daughter, a chance to relax the day abroad, spending a minimum amount of time on the road.

the Way back the train will leave from Gagra at 19: 00 and arrive in Tuapse 0.35. This part of the route will operate every day except Tuesday, when he will proceed from Sochi to Gagra.

the Train has 400 seats, to the first trip sold more than half. By the way, the seats – they cost about 300 rubles – were sold out completely.