Yulia Efimova has given her admirers a glimpse inside her plush surroundings while the swimming champion is in lockdown, peeling away from her bathroom mirror to glance at the pool that she heads for when she leaves her bed.

Any hopes Efimova had of competing in Tokyo this summer might have been dashed by the postponement of the Olympic Games until 2021, but the six-time world champion has been demonstrating her athletic prowess during her enforced downtime at her California home.

In her latest video on social media, Efimova has posed in a tiny swimwear set in front of her mirror at home before panning out to her idyllic garden, showing a curved pool awaiting her arrival under sunshine.

She then detailed her straightforward plans for the day by writing: “From the bed immediately to the pool. And back.”

Even if the pool looks far smaller than the ones in which Efimova won a bronze medal in London in 2012 and silver medals in Rio in 2016, it does demonstrate that the 28-year-old has a viable option when she wants to conduct training outdoors.


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Last month, she appeared to suggest that she was confined to maintaining her fitness and attempting to hone her skills entirely indoors.

“A lot of people ask me what exercises you can do at home,” she told her following of more than 202,000 on Instagram, before imitating the breaststroke technique that has provided her haul of medals by balancing off a worktop with the top half of her body unsupported.

Все новое это – хорошо забытое старое! Ловите несколько упражнений для плавания на суше так сказать? Не грустите и не болейте?? ? P.S. плаваю я лучше чем говорю и снимаю видео? да и на суще так себе?? Зато всегда на позитиве?? #swimming #stayhome #swimathome #swimatthekitchen

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Efimova then showed off other techniques for building the agility and suppleness she is known for gracing the pool with, including pushing herself upwards from a backwards crab-like pose on a mat on her kitchen floor.

Since then, she has posed for another bathroom selfie in a skimpy outfit and taken part in a competition offering fans the chance to win prizes in exchange for following sports stars including Efimova, freediver Alexey Molchanov and synchronized swimmer Alla Shishkina.

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She is clearly missing the exotic locations she has posed for photos at across the world, posting snaps on the beaches of Hawaii and California.

In one photo overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Efimova admitted: “Luckily for me, I have a lot of pictures that have never been posted or need to be reposted.”

The spirit of Aloha ???

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Her skin-baring posts seem to have attracted attention from other high-profile athletes awaiting the return of their chosen disciplines. “I don’t want to give away any secrets,” she initially told Match TV when asked about the famous figures who had contacted her through social media.

“A lot of hockey players, tennis players, footballers as well…not from Russian clubs – Juventus, perhaps – and from athletics.”