The game went as the “Milagro de Mallorca” in Spain’s football history. The wonders of Majorca. 23. June 2019 wins RCD Mallorca in the second leg of the rise in Spain’s Primera División against La Coruna with 3:0 after the first leg 0:2 was lost.

The club from the holiday island, after two descents back in the highest Spanish League. Tens of thousands of Fans will celebrate the ascension. Among them Tennis ACE Rafael Nadal, lives in Mallorca.

breakthrough never

The Builder of the success of the managed, is a Swiss. Maheta Molango, son of an Italian mother and a Congolese father, was born in Saint-Imier in the Bernese Jura.

He played football at FC Biel-Bienne, in Tramelan and Courtelary. Travelled then through the lower leagues of Germany and England, and studied alongside law and policy. For the prestigious law firm Baker and McKenzie, he moved to the end of his career to Madrid. “I was responsible for the consultancy of sports clubs, agents and players.” One of his first Deals was the Transfer of Mesut Özil from Real Madrid to Arsenal was.

Soon, the new investors of RCD Mallorca knocked on the door. An American group of investors led by the owner of the NBA team Phoenix Suns had saved the club just before the bankruptcy. Molango should be your General Manager and lead the ball to the man-club age Size.

“Could. with the family to the stadium”

However, the Start of 2016, goes completely in the pants Instead of promotion to the highest League, rises Mallorca in the 3. League. The anger of the Fans is discharged to the Swiss. He is insulted, spat on, threatened. “I could go to the stadium with my family more,” he says to VIEW. Molango had exchanged before the season, almost the whole squad and the entire coach staff. “Of course I’ve made mistakes,” he admits today.

However, the US investors hold on to him. “I had to learn that it is important in a football team only on Talent, but mainly on the character.” Molango to build the Team again: “Mallorca is a difficult and fascinating at the same time. The Fans are extremely enthusiastic. On the other hand, you need players, not from the ball man-the hustle and bustle distract you.”

Clear outsiders despite a strong start to the season

In Molangos the second season of the break to succeed. Mallorca creates, within two years of the passage of the 3. In the 1. League. Molango is celebrated as a Hero. And at the start of the season last weekend with a 2:1 victory against Eibar.

The Fans in Mallorca will already be dreaming of Europe. But the Swiss Manager remains realistic: “Our Budget is 28 million euros, only Eibar twice as much. Not to speak of Real and Barcelona not at all. We are like a Fiat 500, which compete against Audi, BMW and Mercedes. It is our goal that at the end of the season, at least three Teams behind us.”