The city of Bern intends to implement a Federal court ruling from 2012, finally, the “clean rap” to introduce. The levy is intended to ensure that the disposal of waste is co-financed in the public space in the future of the polluters.

The municipal Council has sent the corresponding Revision of the waste regulations in the public consultation process. Councillor Ursula Wyss presented the template today, the media. With the introduction of a local polluter-pays-fee Bern Switzerland take a leading role, explained Wyss.

cost of 11 million a year,

The disposal of municipal waste in the public space of the city of Bern is an annual fee of around eleven million Swiss francs. One of these is to waste, waste that was properly disposed of in containers, but also garbage that is carelessly thrown away on the streets, squares and Parks.

The cost for the disposal of this waste should not be transferred completely to the General public, decided by the Federal court in 2012. The Lausanne judge demanded a fee, creating an incentive to reduce waste or to avoid it.

for five years

in 2014, the municipal Council presented the idea of a “cleanliness cent” – and met with so fierce resistance from shops in the city centre and the bourgeois parties. Since then, the fee has been refined concept. Now it is ready for consultation.

In the duty, not those that leave the waste taken directly – but all those who help with packaging, and the like, waste in the public space. Causes these “Secondary” the city counts about Take-Away establishments, kiosks and grocery stores, but also the publisher of free Newspapers.

but It can also be so-called “presence polluter pays”. The authorities understand this to mean Bars, night clubs and event organizers to ensure that people are present over a longer period of time in the public space and waste. Of the fee, among other things, micro-enterprises and “events of public interest are exempt”. (SDA)