It was official for a long time that Meret Becker would leave the Berlin “crime scene”. But how she will leave the team was completely unclear – until now.

Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) and Robert Karow (Mark Waschke) are history as a “crime scene” team. The successful, exciting and sometimes quite dark duo broke up because Becker announced in 2019 that she would stop at “Tatort”. How dramatic the actress’ departure from the series would be was not foreseeable until the end of the film “The Girl Who Walks Home Alone”.

The latest “crime scene” from the capital already had an exciting basic constellation. Rubin and Karow are investigating a body in the Spree. Julie Bolshakov (Bella Dayne) asks the team for help because she knew the dead man but her husband is a high-ranking member of the Russian mafia. Anyone who now has to think of Dominik Graf’s series “In the Face of Crime” is not so wrong. The mafia in Germany is not as used as a topic for crime novels as other topics, but the staging – especially this one – manages to conjure up a very exciting “crime scene” on the screens.

Above all, you should talk about the end, because the showdown between the inspectors and the perpetrators lasts a long time, but it’s all the more worthwhile. At the airport it’s all about stopping a hijacking and both sides engage in a breathtaking battle inside the building and on the tarmac in the fog. In a shootout, not only is one of Karow’s perpetrators caught, the criminal hits Nina Rubin with a shot in the stomach beforehand, who immediately loses a lot of blood.

Karow discovers the wound and carries Rubin off the tarmac, who is slowly losing consciousness. He apologizes for the pain he has caused and she replies in delirium: “It’s nice that you’re sorry for something.” He lays her on the ground, as she begins to lose consciousness completely, he calls for help, but when the paramedics arrive, it becomes very quiet. The camera zooms out from above and the next shot shows the photo of Rubin with a black mourning ribbon in the police station. She is dead. At the same time, Julie Bolshakov’s voice reads out what was in the letter to Rubin, which she was able to give her before the showdown. She thanks her for her life – at least one of the two women made it. The next “Tatort” in Berlin only has Mark Waschke as the main actor and investigator, Corinna Harfouch joins the team for the following film.

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