The Coronavirus is forcing the makers of the “Berlin – day & night” to rethink.

New sounds in what is probably Germany’s most popular Soap-WG attached. Because: It will be starting Monday, a new Format of the “Berlin – day & night”.

Laura Maack and Manuel Denniger make the beginning of the “Berlin – day & night – Live from the WG”photo: RTLZWEI Niklas Niessner / dpa

The station RTL2 announced that it will be from now on from Monday to Friday a new Format for the cult series and a Live broadcast. From 19 clock in Berlin – day & night – Live from the WG is now running “”.

all The fun takes ten minutes and is presented by the performers. This does not, however, occur in their roles, but the answer to Unlock the questions of your Fans, talk to other performers, or surprise guests via.