Benefits the benefit

“the Situation is that the nonprofit sector today requires a fairly significant support. The pandemic came under attack almost all kinds of NGOs, in particular, and this is especially sad for us, those who provided social services and charitable organizations”, – noted Dmitry Medvedev in the beginning of the meeting.

the same was said by themselves and NGOs. As said the Executive Director of the charitable Assembly “All together” Kira Smirnova, according to the Association, due to coronavirus in 95% of charities have reduced the flow of donations, the average rate of decline of 30%. Individuals began to transfer smaller amounts because of declining revenues. Take regular donors, which jeopardizes long-term projects. And the number of requests for assistance from citizens is growing.

And the specificity of NGOs is that they mostly are unable to transfer employees to remote mode. A number of organizations forced to commit violations when they help people, because this activity does not meet the statutory goals. In addition, they need to pay salaries, contributions to social funds, to pay the rent and utilities.

“In many matters, the situation for the non-profit sector is not less and sometimes even more complex than for business, – said Dmitry Medvedev. Therefore, our party will proceed from the fact that those benefits, which are currently to small and medium-sized business, you need to some extent be extended to NGOs”.

the Chairman of the party named three measures that United Russia is ready to discuss with the Federal and regional authorities. The first is the provision of subsidies for payment of wages to employees of NGOs. It is necessary “to work with banks providing soft loans for this purpose – as it is done for small and medium enterprises,” Medvedev said. “There is still the idea to introduce a reduced account maintenance such socially oriented NGOs”, he added.

the Second proposal – to provide NGOs with financial assistance in the volume, which takes into account the number of employees, these funds could be allocated to address the priorities of the socially oriented organizations.

And the third is to give “recommendations to the public authorities in the field of employment to think about organizing public works.” “It is, in fact, the same model that applies to the commercial sector for the most vulnerable groups, in order not to create additional threats to reduce the level of employment”, – said Medvedev.

a Separate issue, which were raised by the participants of the meeting to stimulate business entities, which provide assistance to non-profit sector. This is the main source of funding quicksuch projects, said the Director of Fund “present life” Ekaterina Shergova. Many patients can’t wait for the business will come from isolation and will recoup the losses, she said.

Therefore, the NGOs propose additional tax incentives for businesses to participate in philanthropy. For example, include donations to the costs of companies. Now entrepreneurs can deduct funds for charity only out of net profits. Another option is to reduce the profit tax for organizations, which transfer part of the profit NGO. By the way, such decisions have already been made in several constituent entities of the Russian Federation, they could be extended to the whole country, according to the Fund “give life”.

“we Need to prioritize these measures to build and some of them need to go,” – said Dmitry Medvedev and promised to discuss these initiatives with the Ministry of Finance. He is confident that the business will not massively evade taxes under the guise of charitable activities. “Will not a deal with machinatorship that is going on in our country”, – said the head of the party.

following the meeting with representatives of NGOs will be prepared to either internal instructions or instructions with regard to the security Council of the Russian Federation, or appeal to the government and to the President of Russia, he added.