Belousov it is Necessary to adjust the program of subsidizing interest rates on loans to business

the issue was discussed during the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation in video format. Speaking about the program for small and medium-sized businesses, Belousov said that the question of the postponement of the payment of the debt for six months and payment by the borrower one-third of the bet with the possibility of its capitalization.

– In this program, formally involving 12 banks, really work but so far only three banks, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet. – First of all, VTB, the savings Bank and SME Bank.

He concluded that the program is “frankly weak”. On April 21 applications received only 3.8 billion rubles, approved the issuance of 3 billion.

Explaining the reasons of low activity, said that this program duplicates the vacation credit. “Secondly, for banks, this program is not profitable, so they offer the customer, as a rule, those who do not fall under the vacation credit, in return for its loan products restructuring”, he added.

given these circumstances this program and will need to adjust, concluded the representative of the government.

He also said that the program of preferential crediting of large companies will start in Russia next week, its potential volume – 1 trillion rubles. According to Belousov, it is necessary to maintain the liquidity of the enterprises in the conditions of sharp slowdown of the turnover of funds in connection with the fall in economic activity.

the Backbone enterprises under this program will be eligible for restructuring loans of 200 billion rubles, in the short-list, 11 transport, 8 6 industrial and energy companies.