Supermodel of Palestinian-Dutch origin Bella Hadid walked the streets of New York in a candid image in the style of the 2000s and was criticized online. The corresponding photos and comments appeared on the Daily Mail.

Paparazzi captured the 24-year-old celebrity in the city center. She was dressed in a beige top without underwear, a low-rise patchwork denim skirt and black leather boots. Hadid complemented her look with rectangular glasses, a small brown bag and beaded jewelry.

Readers of the publication began to discuss the image of the supermodel in the comments under the pictures. “Having a bra, clean hair and normal shoes can do wonders with her”, “I swear, she looks like a 50-year-old old woman who underwent plastic surgery”, “Disgusting outfit”, “She has a disgusting sense of style”, “The style of the 2000s was completely unpresentable. Perhaps this is one of the most disgusting fashion decades, ” they said.

In June, Bella Hadid walked the streets of Paris without underwear in things in the style of the 90s. She was photographed in a top with a multicolored print and ties in the neckline, wide dark blue trousers with a low fit, a brown leather jacket and rough black shoes. The footage shows that Hadid did not wear underwear.