Fodboldligaen in Belarus rolls despite coronapandemien, but now fans are ready to boycott.

It may well be that the belarusian soccer league has attracted the attention of foreign football fans, who usually never follows with in the league.

But the country’s decision to play on with the fans in the stadium, despite coronakrisen over the whole of Europe is not popular among all fans in the home country.

First it was the club Neman Was in the fans that came out, that it would boycott the team’s games because of coronakrisen.

Wednesday came the Shakhter Soligorsks fans suit.

– We stop to get in the stadium until the situation with the epidemic allows us to return the stands, reads it according to the from the fans, which at the same time sends an invitation to the fodboldforbundet:

– Show courage and stop the belarusian championship, just like the rest of the world has stopped leagues.

The two fangrupperinger have at the same time urged the fans of the other clubs to support and to also boycott the matches in the stadium.

a few days ago, reported several media, that the belarusian football had got ten new agreements for television rights to the league from other countries – including Russia and India.

However, it seems that the country’s own football fans are so starved for football that they would risk infection by coming in the stadium.