In Belarus, the authorities have not given the order to close sections of the society. Cafes, restaurants, and other revenue is still mostly closed, because they lack customers.

Many jobs are still running, even though the operation is often reduced.

Universities and colleges have no limits, but primary and secondary schools has been extended easter holidays with a week.

NO VIRUS: No tometersregel in Belarus. President Lukashenko surrounded by hockey players.

Photo: BelTA

President Alexander Lukashenko has not shown any great interest for koronapandemien. And now he says that no one dies of the virus in his country.

– No one is going to die of koronaviruset with us. It announces the I public. We have already found combinations of drugs to rescue people, ” says Lukashenko.

the ministry of Health contradicts, however, Lukasjenkos statements and the reported nok 2,219 infections and 29 died of koronaviruset.

LONG SAILING: President Lukashenko has been Belarus ‘ authoritarian leader since he was elected in 1994.


It rejects Lukashenko and says that the dead had other problems, such as heart problems or diabetes, as they died off.

But several hospitals in the belarusian cities have been prepared to accept a greater number of koronapasienter.

Lukashenko was elected as Belarus ‘ president in 1994, and has since ruled the country in authoritarian view.

the Political opposition is practically not allowed in the country with 9.5 million inhabitants.

Earlier, the president said that it to drink vodka, take a sauna and driving a tractor can work well against the infection.

WHO asks for the measures

A delegation from the World health organization, visited a few days ago Belarus.

CONCERN: more and more hviterussere protects against virussmitte even though the president is trying to defualt the situation.


According to the news agency Reuters said the delegation’s leader that Belarus now stands in front of a new phase when it comes to virusutbruddet.

We see the infection in the community, this is disturbing and it required new measures, said Patrick O’connor from the WHO.

He recommended that hviterussere to keep distance from each other, and that it should be set in the time isolation, testing and detection of koronapasienter and the people they have been in contact with.

Massearrangementer continues

a few days ago trained belarusian military forces on the great parade that is scheduled in the capital Minsk on the 9th. may the memory of the victory over nazi Germany.

FOLLOW the PLAN: the Belarusian military trainer at military parades to be held in Minsk on the 9th. may.


the Preparations continue in Belarus, although a similar event in the neighbouring Russia is toned considerably down.

Belarus is the only country in Europe where it is still played football.

It has done that the belarusian series that previously has not received much attention, now followed by football fans in many countries.

BUY a TICKET:Fotballentusiaster from a variety of countries pay to “be present” during the belarusian football matches.


And there are still some on the stands, even though there are far fewer spectators than in the past.

In an attempt to cover up for inntektstapet, offers belarusian clubs now fotballentusiaster both domestically and internationally, to “sit” on the stand.

For 260 money is it possible to get an image printed and fixed on a figure in the stands.

In this way, a belarusian football team gained a far more international audience than ever before.