Belarus has nothing to offer the West except the military-political confrontation with Russia, said political analyst Sergei Mikheyev on a talk show “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“Belarus has nothing to offer and sell to the West, in addition to his position as a political and military enemy of Russia. Let’s escalate things, I suppose. The authorities in Belarus comes conditional tikhanovski… who systematically begins to destroy the relationship between Russia and Belarus… What will happen with the Belarusian economy? It will collapse. She just disappears, in Belarus, there is nothing that she could continue on competitive terms to the West. Nothing at all,” said Mikheyev.

According to him, it was in Ukraine was in Russia and it will be in all post-Soviet countries except Belarus so far. But if the 90s will come to Belarus, the country will not remain stone upon stone, because she has no resources, no access to the sea and super-important transit routes. Nothing but military confrontation between Russia.

“But in this situation, the current political elite of Belarus will be destroyed, it is only a matter of time. One step, two step, three step, it will be destroyed,” continued the woman.

He also noticed that the game around the detainees in Belarus, “the fighters of the PMC Wagner” extremely dangerous for Belarus itself and threatens her national suicide. After all, in the end, enemies, and Russia and Belarus annoys most of the military-political Union of these two countries.