the Flemish minister of well-being, Wouter Beke (CD&V) will also be tested for the presence of the new corona virus in residential care homes where there are no vectors have been identified, said last night the TELEVISION programme on this subject.

the Following is a section of a residential health care facility, where thirteen of the fifteen residents, a positive turned out to be a test, even though most of them have no symptoms. Beke was bijgetreden by professor Herman Goossens. “Well, I would be there in five to ten residential care centres to pick and choose from, and everyone is testing it to see how it’s spread,” according to the professor, the “odd” was that there were so many residents are without symptoms, have turned out to be. Wednesday was the federal government has announced that residents in care homes where there are symptoms of a Covid-19 were routinely tested as they can be. In total, in the whole of the country with more than 20,000 tests in a residential-care has to be taken off.

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