He was “the man of [her] life”. They spent 20 years together, and then sir left. Since then, and very slowly, Véronique has been getting up. Here’s how.

The smiling fifty-year-old gave us an appointment in a bistro in Saint-Hyacinthe, where she is passing through, on this rainy Monday in July. “I’m 56 years old,” she wrote to us earlier this summer. Clarification: “old for social networks”. Finally, will we end up understanding, she has it all wrong.

But before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning. Our discreet interlocutor, a little embarrassed to confide here in a pure stranger, dives into the heart of the matter without being asked too much. His first time? “At 17, like everyone else,” she smiled. And I liked that! Yes, it has been good. It had been delicate, it had not been painful. And then we had done that several times in a row, in the same day! Their romance lasts for a while, then Véronique meets a new lover at CEGEP, a story that lasts a year. “It was fine too. But I found out later that he cheated on me and I was devastated, she said. I laugh about it today, but I had a big heartbreak. »

The years go by and Véronique connects the lovers, although a little in spite of herself. She experiences several “little sorrows” in doing so. It is because she has a romantic soul, our interlocutor.

“But a lot of guys, it was for a fuck or two and then ciao bye,” she says, now visibly more detached.

In her mid-twenties, she finally met “the man of [her] life”. Their history spans more than 20 years. She still remembers their first night (“He didn’t get hard!”), and the second, especially: “I had five orgasms!” The connection is there, we guess. And we’re just guessing, “Oh yes!” “, confirms Véronique, with a knowing air.

Yes, their relationship has “moved well,” she believes. “Of course, at 25, we had the hormones in the carpet. We made love all the time. […] It is sure that after more than 20 years, it was not the effervescence, even without children. But when we had sex, I had an orgasm all the time,” she says.

And then, without warning, the gentleman left her. And obviously, the wound is still raw. “It hurt. Even today, it is difficult. He didn’t love me anymore. But he had spotted someone, I’m sure…” Véronique was 48 when, overnight, she found herself alone. “Hey, my God, this is shock, post-traumatic shock! “You should know that she has, so to speak, never lived alone. Quite a “mourning,” she said. “Oh dear, the shock…”

Fortunately, she is well surrounded. “I have amazing friends who saved my life. Guy friends, girl friends, long time, high school! They were there to help me. »

Without waiting too long, she also starts to go out. She sees herself again the first evening in a bar. “I felt bad about you!” she giggles. Now, surprise: “I got cruised!” It’s flattering, though! […] Nice guys accost me, I’m not that bad! »

She registered at the time on Réseau Contact, and quickly met her “first young lover”, as she puts it. Laughter again. “He was 23, I thought he was screwing around! Come on, have you seen how old I am! But no, the guy is serious and Véronique dares: she invites him to her house.

“It’s been good for my pride, I think,” she says. He was a good lover despite his young age. And it lasted a summer. But it was very clear that it was just that. I was his mother’s age, you know! »

What she doesn’t know is that it’s the first in a series. Soon, she meets a second “young lover” of 25 years old, this time. ” He is handsome ! It can’t be having a handsome guy like that in my bed. What luck ! But no, she doesn’t fall in love: “My heart is closed,” she says. Too hurt? “Yes,” Veronique agrees.

Nevertheless, she then goes out for a little year with a third man, met this time in a bar. A guy her age, “very good, very dirty,” she said, smiling. As proof: with him, she experienced her first “threesome”, and they even frequented “swingers’ houses” on a few occasions.

She is 50 years old. But his separation is still too fresh. “I wasn’t in love,” she clarifies. My heart is in trouble. It destroyed me, my separation…”, she repeats.

Véronique does not drag on and continues her story. She then meets a fourth (is it four? we lose track a bit…) flirt, a story that stretches over another short year. In bed ? “Great too, we were really connecting. If you’re wondering, no, she ultimately didn’t have any negative sexual experiences. ” Not yet ! »

From ? No more. She dated a friend for a year, and sees one of the first lovers sporadically. “Finding the right one is difficult,” she confirms. And my heart has trouble opening up. “Nevertheless, she sees only good in the applications. “Lucky we have that!” Especially during the pandemic…”

Besides, she knows it: slowly, these adventures allowed her to heal her wounds. “All these encounters have made me find myself beautiful and intelligent. It allowed me to get through my breakup and lift my head.” Moral ? “Despite a painful and devastating separation, we can make up for ourselves. And even have fun sexually! she says, smiling.