Began preparations for the festival

After I had listened to the solemn “Yes”, Vladimir Grigoriev, for his part, stressed that “Red square” is a festival very big, but purely domestic, not international, and stringent requirements, leading to the cancellation of one after the other book forums do not apply to him. So “Red square”, like a football game, will take place in any weather (especially because the weather is bad in the literal sense he is no stranger).

Photo: Yury Lepsky 220 years ago was born the great Russian poet Evgeny Boratynsky

Following this, the Builder showed the plan of the “red square”, from which it became clear that no major change in the festival, held at the same place at the same time its sixth year, is not expected just as there is no change in the staffing levels of supervisors. The only topographical innovation – the big pavilion directly opposite the main entrance to the GUM: it is being built for Russia Day, June 12. But as “Red square” ends on 7 June, the pavilion will not have time to build after graduation, and it was decided to build it before maximum by integrating the area of the festival. That makes it a large new field.

in addition, the branding of the festival this time there are elements pointing to the connection with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Obviously, supported this relationship will be in the program.

for the rest everything remains the same. Two scenes for theater, music and reading programs with the participation of leading artists, writers, theatre and music groups; eight of the book of pavilions, six tents for presentations, discussions and autograph sessions. Part of the festival will be “mother’s day” on Pushkin square of Moscow.

we will Remind, this year “Red square” will be held from 4 to 7 June.