12 years after obtaining a license begins to develop Eurasia’s largest Udokan copper Deposit. The operator of the project of Baikal mining company, a subsidiary of the holding “Wesam” Alisher Usmanov, plans this year to open the field by selecting a passing breed, as well as to start construction works. The field’s design capacity is up to 12 million tons of ore.Baikal mining company (BMC) began development of the Udokan copper Deposit, is spoken in the message of BGK. The field started mining and capital works associated with the extraction of ore at the quarry West. “Mining-capital works include the opening of Udokan Deposit to open access from the surface to the mineral deposits. In fact, we’re starting production is an event which the industry was expecting the 70 years since,”— said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMC LLC Valery Kazikaev.After mining and capital works will be prepared pads, roads, overburden dump, which allows to apply the basic technique for open-cast mining in order to ore mining in project volumes.The Udokan development with resources of more than 26 mn tons of copper includes the construction of the first phase of mining and metallurgical complex on production of cathode copper and copper concentrate, as well as open pit with capacity up to 12 million tonnes of ore per year and production up to 125 thousand tons of copper per year. The right to develop the field in 2008, won the holding “metalloinvest” (part of “Yasam”), later the license was transferred to BGK for the organization of project financing. To learn can participate in “rostec”, which was an option. But the Corporation left the project in 2018. In 2019 Gazprombank, VEB.Of the Russian Federation and Sberbank has allocated a syndicated loan to develop Udokan in the amount of $1.79 billion Eugene Zainullin