Before you know it the Ukraine predicted the Italian scenario COVID 19

MOSCOW, 16 APR — RIA Novosti. Ukraine threatens Italian scenario of the coronavirus if the Kiev authorities do not take necessary measures, said the Israeli doctor novel Goldmann in an interview with “Gordon”.

the Medic gave statistics on April 14 and noticed that at that time in Israel there were 12 thousand infected and 123 deaths. Ukraine was identified only 3.4 thousand cases while died in 98 patients.

“In Israel, for a greater number of infected deaths less. Why? Because in Ukraine is much more patients, but you just don’t identify”, he explained.

As stated by the doctor in the Ukraine “is incorrect quarantine” and if “now is not to recover”, then the country can go for Italian or Spanish scenario.

Goldman added that many doctors in the country are at risk of Contracting coronavirus from failure to follow necessary precautions.

“We were in shock — there (in Ukraine. — Approx. ed.) has no understanding of what gloves, trash can with special pedals. Your doctors in the operating room to touch Bucky’s hands! What do you want?” — he was surprised.

the Interlocutor of the portal, said that among the Israeli medical staff also has cases, but their order of magnitude less and they are “in violation of the Charter or by lack of equipment”. As pointed out by Goldman, if doctors have the right to wear equipment, then the chances of getting COVID-19 minimum.

“We understand that if employees are infected and will hurt, even in mild form, it will have to be sent to isolation for two weeks. And then we won’t have doctors. So primarily everything you need especially the equipment, we gave medical staff,” he said.

Goldman said that in Israel, almost immediately closed all the synagogues, temples and mosques — Kiev has not yet decided on such action.

“It’s very dangerous. Jews are not less religious than the Christians. But we would like this issue came up dramatically,” he said.

Many Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the imposed quarantine measures, but it is necessary to maintain their state and “do not water it with dirt,” said the doctor.

According to him, Kiev is necessary to seriously address the issue of health insurance, rather than spending the money to “entourage.”

“Where did the state money on health care, if patients do not pay your money? You have a consultation with a doctor costs less than a pedicure. What kind of medicine can there be in such a situation?” concluded Goldman.

Pandemic coronavirus infection has captured almost all countries of the world. According to the world health organization, recorded almost two million cases COVID-19, about 126 thousand patients died.

today in Israel, the number of infected reached 12 591 people, 140 died. In Ukraine revealed 4161 case of infection, from them 116 — fatal.

Current data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.