Actually, the Federal office for food safety (BLV) wanted to leave it up to food producers such as Nestlé and Migros, as you inform consumers about nutritional values. But now, the Federal office takes the reins in Hand, and Tuesday is asking today, manufacturers, retailers, Consumer advocates and patients ‘ associations at a round table. To is large, the pressure by foreign companies such as Danone, the filled-in during the last few months with their traffic lights in this country, more and more shelves.

A conflicting role the Coop plays in the debate. The Basel retailers don’t want to speak on the topic, and hiding behind the Position of the IG detail trade. The IG retailing, which represents the interests of the Coop, but Migros or Manor, is fighting against a rating scheme. The current System is sufficient, an assessment by traffic lights non-transparent.

Coop as a stronghold of the lights

Despite Opposition to a traffic light and more products have come just at the Coop is always in order in the shelves. A in the supermarket shows that Not only Danone products is a traffic light, but also deep-frozen pastries, soft drinks, Ice cream and Breakfast cereal. They cause confusion. Coop is so in spite of the Opposition against the identifications of the most important distributors of traffic lights in this country.

The consumer protection behind the traffic light because they believe the nutritional values of processed foods to understand. Last week also health associations, such as the societies for General Internal medicine, and Pediatrics, as well as the cancer League, the French light-variant Nutri-Score. And the fsvo said a long time ago to: “Nutri-Score is at the Moment the only Label in Switzerland, which meets our criteria.”

the bottom line is: Without solution by using the Federal will prevail otherwise the fastest and most powerful food manufacturer with its traffic solution.