Dinklage – What a twist at the last Minute!

Four years after the discovery of a gold treasure in Dinklage, a Bremer woman has filed a claim – on the day that the period for delivery!

The woman raised in an email to the mayor, claims to the in a cemetery discovered the gold treasure of Dinklage. The woman had indicated that Gold could be a criminal Offence in context, and originally from the estate of her father come. The case will now be handed over to the Prosecutor’s office, said the General representative of the mayor, Carl Heinz Putthoff

It was first reported to the NDR.

The gold coins were in June 2016, the excavator of a gardening company to work have been discovered in a Catholic cemetery of the city, in the district of Vechta. On Monday, deadline of delivery, the three-year period, the owner could report it. Why the woman didn’t rise from Bremen earlier claims, could not tell the mayor’s representatives.