escapism can be a beautiful thing. If it feels like around us, as would as a result of the Coronavirus, the whole world is out of joint, then one takes refuge, but in fantasy worlds, the TV us to. Netflix, Prime Video, Sky and also the media libraries of Arte, or the Public are full of great deals, which can make us temporarily forget our troubles (Here, the tips of the GQ-editors) are. And then there is satellite.1.

There starts on Wednesday with “celebrities under the palms” the next level of Trash-TV-escalation – and a completely new Definition of the word celebrity. The subtitle of the show “For the money, I’m All” is either an expression of self-irony, the producers, or the simple attempt to lure all the viewers in front of the TV, want to refresh it, as supposedly prominent people to be humiliated in front of the cameras. So you can feel like something Better.

“celebrities under the palm trees”: to be Famous, the celebrity will

The “celebrities” under the palm trees come directly from the TV rest of the ramp, what is not denied in the press texts of the consignment not great: In the case of an Eva Benetatou is in the description, you “are known from the last ‘celebrity Big Brother’season”. Since you must have been prominent. A Google Search reveals that she was before time at the “Bachelor” in it. In fact, it was never so easy as it is today, to be famous.

The “celebrity” Ennesto Monté according to the satellite.1 “a pair of aces up his Sleeve, with his notoriety to help: love games on the ATM machines, bizarre eBay actions for a hot night with him, as well as a three-fold enlargement of the penis.” This raises more questions than it answered. He would have been with a two-fold enlargement of the penis is also already Material for the celebrities under the palm trees? The ATM was part of the cash group? And how small his Penis must have been before the first SURGERY? (Also read: DJ-Sets and Museum tours special offers for the quarantine time)

shipwreck without Drowning? You wish …

most interesting is the Vita a Claudia sounds since Obert: “in addition to the drunken rampage on a plane, and Sex in exchange for money, you know, the Hamburg-based luxury Lady from ‘celebrity Big Brother’”. Their official reason, why are you participating in the programme: “For me, the Format sounds like Fun and Adventure, such as shipwreck without Drowning!” – well, I hope you are not wrong there.

SAT.1 / Richard Hübner, GQ entertainment

That level is still technically lower than with all the candidates, no one knows, proves the “most prominent” celebrity: Ronald Barnabas Schill. The was judge, then a politician, then a short time Germany’s second-most famous crackhead after Christoph Daum and his judges pension supplements today with appearances on Trash TV, in order to Finance his life in a Favela in Rio de Janeiro. A dream for every producers of Reality formats, a nightmare for all who make the slightest claim to your evening entertainment. (Also read: Pornhub Premium is now free of charge in Germany)

Why the viewers are fleeing to Netflix? That’s why

What it’s about in the Show? Is that important? The “celebrities” to play any stupid game on bitches, and give the viewer the feeling of Superiority. At the end of a 100,000 Euro to win and the Rest in the next Reality Show again. Since they are famous for, that they were in “celebrities under the palm trees” in the process.

The managing Director of linear TV channels wondering why your viewers are all run off of Netflix and co. In doing so, you would have to look at only what you put in front of your customers this Wednesday. (Also read: Pocher counter-Influencer – is it still Comedy or Cyberbullying?)

This article was written by (Mathias Ottmann)

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