The belgian football Sports rivals can be allies. In a joint statement the show 1B-finalists, Beerschot and OH Leuven to prove that they can count on the fact that the return of the promotiefinales will no longer be played. Also, Leuven’s mayor Ridouani considers that it is unlikely that the second leg can keep going, “Even behind closed doors, I should probably have my action set up.”

The Board of Directors of the Pro League and let the door ajar for the VIEWS-Beerschot, (without any supporters), but the two clubs made every effort to get to that door quickly to close it and save it. Not a second leg, means it is more likely than not that both the Louvain and Beerschot for a doctorate. The two clubbesturen talked about it last night over video chat, and came up with a joint view to the outside.

“of The week, after the exciting heenwedstrijd (which is Beerschot 1-0 win, ed.). we were both ready for the second leg at a sold-out Leuven, stadium”, they said in a press release. “Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, however, this was impossible, and now it is no more what it was like. (…) We have taken note of the recommendation of the Board of Directors of the Pro League, the league will immediately stop. It gets to the health of any individual, is important. We will also assume that the health of the players, the staff and the staff of Beerschot and OH Leuven is just as important, will be deemed to be the rights of the people from the other teams.” Please read: as with other shifts due to health reasons no longer able to play football, then we won’t.