A woman is at a loss because she is travelling by train with rowdy football fans who drink half a case of beer each. The staff do not help her at all.

“Are you really allowed to do anything on the ICE?” asks a woman on the social media platform Reddit. She reports on unpleasant fellow travelers whose loud party mood significantly disrupts the trip to Berlin. “One case of beer per 2 people, loud conversations and shouting and, above all, a large and loud music system,” says the text.

The woman goes on to write that she had already decided to ask the people to turn off the music. But nothing happened. “The train attendant couldn’t do anything because everyone was allowed to do as they wanted, except in the quiet area,” she writes.

She felt very disturbed by the volume, which was not appropriate. She also questions whether the train attendant is actually right and whether passengers can behave however they want outside of the quiet compartment. “Unfortunately, I can’t move. And to be honest, I don’t want to either,” she concludes her post.

In fact, the train attendant is wrong in this case. Deutsche Bahn has house rules in all train stations and on trains. They can throw passengers out if they don’t follow certain rules.

These include smoking bans, harassment of other travellers and excessive consumption of alcohol, which is also prohibited.

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