a Resident of Moscow, PFUR Professor Irina Karabulatova who is confined to bed after surgery, has again received a citation for violation of isolation. The officials claimed that a monetary penalty revoked.

According to Karabulatova, a new notification to pay the fine it’s her mail on may 18. The woman said that it was not annulled. “Right hand does not know what the left is doing” – she wrote on his page on Facebook.

Recall that Professor PFUR ordered to pay 4 thousand rubles for the lack of apps, “Social monitoring” that allows you to track the movement of infected with a coronavirus, and people with SARS. Karabulatova believes that to begin the application had a good test, and not to run in this raw state.

Previously, Irina Karabulatova recorded a video in which he said that due to serious illness for a year confined to a bed. In this regard, the woman claimed that to leave your house just physically could not.

the Professor explained that her first group of disability and weak lungs, which she is often sick. During a pandemic Karabulatova worsened tonsillitis. Caused on the house the doctor who diagnosed SARS.

a Resident of Moscow signed a decree on the need to comply with self-isolation, but could not install on your phone the app “Social monitoring”, as its old gadget does not support this feature. In the result, the authorities gave her a fine.

the Story caused a wide public resonance. The main oversight Directorate of Moscow promised to consider the complaint Karabulatova as a priority. The evening of 18 may it was reported that the penalty was canceled.

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