In the Zurich area there is a hotel boom, the number of rooms is growing rapidly. “Where does this go?”, Martin moss, President of the Association of Zurich Hoteliers asks, in the Preface to a new study. This has created the real estate consultants Jones Lang Lasalle on behalf of the Association.

the authors of The study, a good dozen hotel projects in and around Zurich are currently. At the latest in 2022, 18 new Hotels with around 2,400 rooms will be created. In addition, 1000 new, used Apartments are planned (LOOK told). For example, is formed in Opfikon Aparthotel Joyn ZH with 447 rooms. It will so far surpass-before-seen in the Canton.

Until about two and a half years, there is, consequently, well-3400 Accommodations, and more, two-thirds of them in Zurich North. You are likely to be the majority in the Three-star range. According to the study, not more 1500 new Airbnb apartments are included.

newcomers to choose Zürich

well-Known name: Meininger, Niu Hotel, Easy Hotel. International hotel chains make up the majority of the new arrivals. You use Zurich as a stepping-stone for entry into Switzerland. Most of the rooms occur in 2020, many of them around the airport. Here is the lead: the Hyatt Hotels in The Circle, the new headquarters in Kloten, ZH.

it is not so, that in the last few years, too little has been built. Since 2010 has increased the number of hotel rooms in Zurich by around a quarter. Exactly: 10’830 13’680 rooms. Where does the bed boom yet?

the hotelier President moss makes the growth of new beds. He feared that the prices are Slipping. The guests should be happy, however, unless it were with the quality and Service bachab.

decline of capacity utilization and prices

the authors of The study expected in the coming two years, a decline in the average hotel occupancy due to the new accommodation offers: today of 72.3 to about 67 percent. According to the worry barometer of the Zurich Hoteliers, a large majority expects both in terms of capacity utilization of existing Hotels as well as room rates and a strongly negative to a negative effect. And a fight to the professionals.

Positive for the labour market: The demand for good staff is increasing, the wages in the hotel industry, catering, and operational management are likely to rise.

at the same time, renovation and modernization of existing 182 Hotels will be advanced. An extrapolation of Jones Lang Lasalle expects to receive approximately 860 million Swiss francs over the next five years. “For the guests, this has a positive effect: The quality of existing Hotels will increase, the offer will be extended.”

the hotel boom in the city of Basel

Not only Zurich hotel operators are magically attracted to. The trade fair city of Basel gets a massive bed growth. Examples: Coop is a luxury hotel plans on Basel’s market square. The hotel group Bâle Hotels wants to open the 64-room house in the second half of the year 2021. At the old Hilton-the location of 2020 opened a new 5-star Mövenpick Hotel. Thus, the Accor group on 1360 rooms in the city, which corresponds according to the specialist magazine, “hotel Revue” a market share of about 30 percent. Since 2010, the beds-Plus the amount in the city on the Rhine knee is 40 percent. A result, The average price per bed was in the city on the decline.