In competitive sports, the female period is increasingly being discussed. There is one main reason for this: competitive athletes criticize the fact that light-colored sportswear is often prescribed.

This is also the criticism of the English EM players. After the 1-0 win against Austria, Beth Mead commented on the white sportswear: “It’s very nice to appear in all white. But at one stage of the month it’s impractical for us women.”

The topic is important, the criticism justified. Because: “When you’re on the pitch, you only care about the game and don’t notice anything else,” added teammate Georgia Stanway.

According to Mead, the English players addressed the problem in a team meeting and also forwarded it to their supplier Nike.

The period problem was also openly addressed at Wimbledon. British tennis player Alicia Barnett spoke out about the strain during the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament and has suggested changing the strict white dress rules. “Some traditions could be changed,” she told the PA news agency. While she loves the Wimbledon custom of wearing white and the players have been very good at it, Barnett stressed, “Having your period during games is difficult enough, but then wearing white isn’t easy.”

She thinks it’s great that this discussion is now happening, said the 107th in the double world rankings. “Why should we be afraid to talk about it? I know men aren’t afraid to talk about a lot of things,” Barnett said. She hopes the taboo will continue to be relaxed as players talk about it. This could also lead to funding for training methods more geared towards women.

Eight German vacationers remain in detention on Mallorca. The judge refused bail, speaking of a “mockery of the judiciary”. The cone brothers are accused of starting a fire at a bar in late May.

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