In an interview with RTL/ntv, Economics Minister Robert Habeck talks about the relief for citizens, current gas consumption in Germany and the pace of construction.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck has admitted that the various reliefs for citizens have become “confusing”. In an interview with RTL/ntv, Habeck said that one could “confidently deny that everyone knows what is happening”. There are “so many measures, so many laws and so many subsidies, if I weren’t a politician, I wouldn’t know it anymore,” said Habeck. “It’s actually confusing.” Targeted relief in particular failed on the part of the state due to technical hurdles. Habeck: “It would be urgently necessary for there to be an interface. It needs an overall system.” The Ministry of Finance is working on it.

He wants to extend the special speed in the construction of the first liquid gas terminal to other areas of infrastructure: “It would be nice if the speed of the liquid gas terminal were the new normal.” At the same time, the applicability of the accelerated planning and approval procedures was limited. Habeck: “I would like us to do the same in other areas that are important for social progress and where there is a consensus.”

Habeck also praised the Germans for their restrictions on gas consumption: “The citizens really save gas. Many people no longer heat like they did last year.” He wanted to say thank you for that. The last few weeks have not been “statistically good”, Habeck continued. “But that doesn’t change the fact that the inner attitude of most Germans is that they know what the hour has come.”

Because the new gas infrastructure is being built, the last three German nuclear power plants can be shut down in the spring. Habeck: “We can manage security of supply even without nuclear power. The gas supply will be different.”