It is becoming increasingly difficult for Russian airlines. The EU and other Western countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines. Aeroflot, Nordwind and Co. therefore have to take detours to certain destinations.

But it’s not just Western countries that have locked down their skies. And this is now causing problems on flights to popular Egyptian holiday destinations.

Jordan has recently required aircraft registered in Russia to have valid insurance and reinsurance in the Anglo-Saxon market.

The latter is not possible because Western sanctions prohibit companies from insuring Russian airlines.

This caused problems for Russian travelers and the airlines that bring them to and from Egypt on vacation. Because: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea and Yemen have also issued restrictions.

They don’t allow Russian aircraft into their airspace with dual registrations – that is, those that were first registered elsewhere, such as in Bermuda, and then in Russia. This applies to the majority of Russian aircraft.

Now that Jordan has also largely closed the skies, it will be difficult. As the newspaper “Moscow Times” reports, some Russian airlines had to rebook their passengers on Turkish airlines. Others fly huge detours due to the restrictions.

To address the problem, Russian airlines have now asked the country’s aviation authority to allow them to fly over Syria again.

Since 2013, they are no longer allowed to do so because of the war in the country. If that is not possible, according to Aeroflot and Co., there is a risk of significantly higher prices on the affected routes.

According to the Moscow Times, the aviation authority Rosaviatsia has already contacted the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and received approval from them. However, the decision has yet to be coordinated with the Russian Defense Ministry.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

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The original of this article “Russian airlines want to fly over Syria” comes from aeroTelegraph.