Franca Lehfeldt wore a luxury gown by London designer Kate Halfpenny at her church wedding to Christian Lindner. It is also thanks to Princess Diana that the Brit designs bridal fashion today.

On her big day, Franca Lehfeldt shone in an elegant, figure-hugging silk robe with leg slits, a long train and a low back – when choosing her wedding dress for the church vows with Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, the journalist Franca Lehfeldt drew everyone’s attention and according to experts, everything was done correctly.

According to “”, she had decided on a creation by the London label “Halfpenny London”, which was founded in 2005 by designer Kate Halfpenny and is aimed at the “modern bride”. Lehfeldt’s wedding dress is obviously the “Cheryl” model. At London’s luxury department store Harrods, such a model is currently available for 3950 British pounds (4666 euros). Her dress was complemented by a further falling, detachable skirt with a train.

The “Halfpenny London” label is also popular with stars. Among others, US singer Rihanna, supermodel Kate Moss and actress Liv Tyler have already worn creations by the designer.

The fact that Kate Halfpenny became a designer with a focus on bridal fashion at all is due to a special moment in her childhood and is closely related to the British royals. In an article for the British newspaper “Daily Mail” in 2017, Halfpenny described a touching anecdote.

“The moment that inspired me came early,” she said. “It was 1981 and I was sitting in front of a boxy TV watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I was six years old but I still remember it how the hair on the back of my neck stood on end when I saw Diana in her Elizabeth Emanuel wedding dress”.

Princess Diana, who died in an accident in 1997, walked down the aisle at St. Paul’s Cathedral in an opulent wedding dress made of ivory-colored silk with an eight-metre train, lace and puffed sleeves, captivating millions of viewers around the world. The creation came from the British designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel and is still unforgettable today

This moment was also decisive for Kate Halfpenny. This was a completely “different world” than the one she knew before, she emphasized. “There was a street party going on outside, but all I wanted was to draw the silhouette with the cinched waist and the gigantic skirt,” she recalled.

It was the beginning of her passion. Today, Kate Halfpenny runs her own successful luxury bridal label in London. On her website, she emphasizes that she designs clothes for “real women”. Each design should underline the individual beauty and lifestyle of the bride. She wants to support brides to express themselves in their own way – the dress should work for the bride, not the other way around.

In the opinion of the bridal fashion experts Maritta Emser and Uwe Herrmann, who are known from the VOX show “Between Tulle and Tears”, Franca Lehfeldt also succeeded in underlining her type with her wedding dress, as she told said. “I experience this very often: Women who are in the middle of life reach for simple, highly elegant dresses that are particularly effective because of the cut. This is also the case with her. The halterneck with the low back is sophisticated.” With her bridal look, “simply everything” fit Lehfeldt, the look was perfectly coordinated, according to Emser.

Uwe Herrmann also praised the choice of wedding dress: “Women like her don’t wear princess dresses, they wear dresses that are smart and have something special.”

As the highlight of their three-day celebrations, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) and journalist Franca Lehfeldt also said yes in church on Sylt. Two stars of the VOX show “Between Tulle and Tears” judge Lehfeldt’s wedding dress for

Alice Schwarzer criticized the wedding of Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner in clear terms: “It sucks,” is the headline of a column in the women’s magazine “Emma”. The newlywed couple received support from “Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi.

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