Scandal in the Regionalliga West: The match between 1. FC Köln II and Rot-Weiß Oberhausen had to be stopped in the 89th minute because fans stormed onto the pitch. The reason was apparently a stolen flag.

In the football regional league west, the game between the second team of 1. FCKöln and Rot-WeißOberhausen was canceled after a pitch storm. At the time of the demolition, FC was leading 4-1.

As both clubs write on Twitter, fans of both teams were on the pitch. According to a report by the “Express”, Cologne supporters are said to have stolen a flag in the RWO block and walked across the square. Then the Oberhausen fans stormed after them. Police also had to use pepper spray to calm the situation.

First, the part in the Franz Kremer Stadium was interrupted for ten minutes. The teams were sent to the cabins by referee Marc Jäger. Shortly thereafter, the game was declared canceled after an announcement. The spectators were also asked to leave the stadium.

1. FC Köln condemned the event via Twitter: “We will discuss the background and condemn any form of disregard for respectful interaction and fair sporting behavior. We feel sorry for the real fans who have seen a great game up until then and for our boys who were close to winning the season.”

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