The sporting goods retailer Decathlon once again informs about a beverage recall. Due to changes in taste and smell, the affected products should no longer be consumed.

The French sporting goods manufacturer and retailer Decathlon Aptonia once again informs about the recall of the “Iso sports drink ready to drink orange 500 ml”. As part of safety and quality controls, the product with batch numbers 3583787609163 and 3583787609217 was discovered to have a possible taste and smell impairment (vinegar), as the company announced for the first time in September.

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Customers are affected by the recall if they purchased the product between August 12, 2022 and September 30, 2022 inclusive and the product comes from the affected batch. The group is currently reminding of the recall again via “”.

The company asked to stop using the product and return it to a store. There is no deadline for the return, the purchase price will be refunded. This also applies to opened products. Decathlon has over 80 branches in Germany.

Remaining leave only becomes statute-barred under special conditions – the Federal Labor Court will most likely decide that. Employees can have year-old claims paid out.

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