The letter, Iain Macnab of the authorities in Schleswig-Holstein, is clear: as soon As the British leave the EU, must also resign as mayor of the Mini-municipality of Bruns mark in the circle Duchy Lauenburg.

Macnab (69) is, in fact, a Scot. The EU is completed by the outlet, he is to exercise from one day to the other a non-EU citizen and is thus no longer entitled to his office. Bruns, mark has 160 inhabitants, his office as mayor of Mcnab exercises on a voluntary basis.

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The Scot finds the “bizarre”, after all, he’s lived for 43 years in Germany and pay there taxes. Compared to the German press Agency, DPA, he says: “I find that very sad, because I like to be the mayor and would also like to stay more. But the law is the law.”

the German state citizenship, not thinking of the mayor with a British passport, however, up to today. “I’m Scottish, for almost 70 years, why should I change now?”

Whisky in the end

The IT entrepreneurs lived first in Hamburg and has lived since 1992 with his German wife and two children in Bruns mark. Since 2003, he is sitting in the commune representation. In 2008, the voters made it to the Scots to the mayor, in 2018, he won the office on a further five years.

He keeps exiting the EU was a serious mistake, and feared a Kingdom break-up of the king. Still, he hopes that the Brexit is blown off. If not, he knows exactly how he is out of his beloved office for a divorce: “If it is so far, I will give the key for my office and a nice Scottish whiskey drink.”

The EU has been postponed exit two Times. Currently, a “flexible” postponing it to December 31. October, which allows the British, a withdrawal before this date. (gf)