A social media scandal and its consequences: An English court convicted cat kicker Kurt Zouma of West Ham United for animal cruelty and also ordered the 27-year-old to do community service.

Punishment must be: Kurt Zouma (27), French defender from West Ham United, has now been banned by a court from keeping a cat for the next five years because of animal cruelty. In addition, the player was committed to 180 hours of community service, as has now become known through the news service “Twitter”.

Confession: Kurt Zouma confessed to kicking and hitting his pet cat. The reason for the court case was evidence that his own brother Yoan Zouma involuntarily provided to the court. He filmed the act and published it on Snapchat.

Evidence: In the footage, Kurt can be seen punching the Bengal cat across his kitchen before throwing a pair of shoes at her and hitting her on the head. He yells, “I swear I’ll kill her, I swear I’ll kill her.” A woman who saw the video raised the alarm.

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