Elon Musk and Donald Trump probably have something of a love-hate relationship. The former US President poisoned the billionaire at a campaign event. Musk swore back – and immediately sent a poisoned greeting to the Democrats.

The election campaign for the midterm elections to the US Congress is currently taking place in the USA. And in this, ex-US President Donald Trump is heavily involved for his Republicans. At an event he poisoned Elon Musk. This is a “bullshit artist”, i.e. someone who messes up a lot.

The background to the statement was Musk’s surprising announcement that he would not buy the short message service Twitter after all.

Musk himself didn’t let the insult sit for long. “I don’t hate the man,” Musk wrote, but he should “sail into the sunset.” He also sent advice to the Democrats, who are enjoying the private feud between the two men. It would be better for the party not to continue working on the ex-president, so that he is not re-elected as president in the end.

Musk had planned to buy Twitter himself in the spring. He repeatedly emphasized that he was not concerned with money, but above all with strengthening freedom of speech on the platform. Musk said he would let Trump, who was banned from Twitter, back on the platform.

Trump himself saw Musk’s failed Twitter takeover as confirmation of the future success of his own online platform, Truth Social. “The Twitter deal is dead, long live the truth,” Trump wrote in capital letters on his own network. Its start was initially accompanied by technical difficulties.