Republican Congressman George Santos allegedly forged his resume. Now the FBI is investigating the politician.

The FBI has now also got involved in the affair surrounding Republican MP George Santos, who is under pressure because of his fake CV. The investigators are investigating allegations that Santos embezzled money he had collected for a Marine veteran’s sick dog on the Internet, according to several US media reports. The veteran, Richard Osthoff, told US media that he had given the FBI information related to the money. Among them were text messages that Osthoff exchanged with Santos.

It’s about $ 3,000 (almost 2,800 euros) that Santos collected online in 2016 for the then homeless Osthoff to pay for a life-saving operation for his terminally ill dog. According to the allegations, Santos made off with the money instead of handing it over to Osthoff.

The pressure on Santos has been mounting ever since it was revealed that the 34-year-old made up numerous details on his CV. For example, he claimed to have been a “seasoned Wall Street investor.” The New York Times found out that Santos was never employed by the companies mentioned. The newspaper was also unable to verify his university degree. Santos has also been accused of misleading the public about his family history and alleged Jewish background. In an interview, the Republican admitted he had “whitewashed” his resume. Santos was first elected to parliament in November’s congressional elections.

On Monday, media reported that Santos wanted to give up his two committee positions in the House of Representatives. According to recent polls, 78 percent of voters in his New York constituency think Santos should resign. So far, he has ruled out resigning.