Became striped after tanning skin brought the girl fame in the network

the Briton showed his skin, which was striped after applying bronzer, and became famous in the network. The video appeared in Facebook community Isolation Nation (“Nation-isolation”), in which members share their time in quarantine.

the footage of the wearer Sarna Lakeland (Lakeland Sharna) glues pieces of adhesive tape to the body, and then on remaining areas of the skin causes tanning. To the end of the video it shows the result: after the treatment the entire surface of her skin became striped.

the Publication of Lakeland became viral and caught the attention of journalists of major publications, including the portal of The Sun. Members of the community appreciated the video girls. “You look like a Zebra,” wrote one. “The main question — will it come off in the near future or are you going to go buddy?” — asked the second. “The winner of isolation,” said the third. “It’s very strange, why did you paint yourself in this way…” concluded the last.

In April, users that are on the isolation, took part in a new challenge, showing the unexpected results of the procedure of tanning. Thus, the wearer Millie childs (Childs Millie) showed his face, which was brown, and Sarah hill (Sarah Hill) took video of the orange palm and said that she would have to go to the store in the glove.