The US director Morgan Spurlock, who once ate only the fast food chain McDonald’s for a month and became world famous with the resulting documentary “Super Size Me”, is dead. Spurlock was only 53 years old Died as a result of cancer, his management announced on Friday at the request of the German Press Agency in New York.

Spurlock died “peacefully surrounded by family and friends” on Thursday, his family said. “The world has lost a true creative genius and a special man,” Spurlock’s brother Craig was quoted as saying.

Born in West Virginia in 1970, Spurlock studied film in New York after school and wrote plays and series. He made his breakthrough in 2004 with the documentary “Super Size Me”, for which he received numerous awards.

For a month, Spurlock ate at McDonald’s three times a day – cheeseburgers, fries, Coke, Big Macs or apple turnovers. Condition: If he is offered a particularly large portion – i.e. “super size” – in a branch, he has to take it.

With the filmic self-experiment, Spurlock wanted to draw attention to the widespread obesity in the USA. He ended up gaining 12 kilograms in 30 days and was also bothered by shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain and headaches. Doctors diagnosed Murlock with rising cholesterol and worsening liver function tests and even advised him to stop the experiment.

Since then, Spurlock has not been able to match the success of “Super Size Me” with numerous other films. In 2017, the director, who was married three times and had two children, withdrew from his production company after he failed in light of the

“I am part of the problem,” Spurlock wrote in a statement at the time. “We should all find the courage to admit our mistakes.” (dpa)

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