the head of the laboratory of genomic engineering, Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) Pavel Volchkov interview RIA “Novosti” was told about how the people in the first place will introduce a new vaccine COVID-19.

According to experts, the first vaccinated should be people who are at risk. “Apparently, in the first place will start to administer the vaccine mainly risk groups, the elderly, sorest age of the population 60 years and above”, – shared his opinion Volchkov, noting that, in terms of epidemiology and Virology, this is the most correct option.

however, the expert stressed that in order to verify the effectiveness of the vaccine for children and the elderly, will need to conduct additional tests, as at present, will try it in most cases for middle age with no serious health problems.

For additional vaccine trials, as explained by Volchkov, you must create a group of aged people to perform the action on them of the drug, and find out how they have developed antibodies to coronavirus infection of the new type. The expert pointed to the fact that the immune system of older people is significantly different from the immune system of middle-aged patients, in particular, has a limited capacity to protect.

in addition, according to the expert, does not make sense to vaccinate people who are already ill COVID-19, because it believed it inappropriate to load once again the already weakened immune system. From the point of view Volchkov, can in this case be manifested and side effects. He also believes that if we are able to quickly solve the problem of creating a large number of the vaccine, the subsequent epidemic of coronavirus in the Russian Federation can not be afraid.

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