Became known the test result of the presenter Vasiliev

Fashion historian, known TV presenter Alexander Vasilyev admitted to the hospital Kommunarka with bilateral pneumonia last week, said Thursday that his test for coronavirus were negative.

"I twice passed the test for the coronavirus, in both cases the result was negative. However, it does not mean anything, because the tests are right only 60-70%. On the extract don’t think. It certainly will happen after Easter" – he wrote on Instagram and put a picture of the test results.

He added that they were in the hospital.

"Watching movies, coming up with new posts "Instagram" read the book of Michael Meylaha dedicated to Russian ballet dancers in exile, and listening to mood music – the song of Oleg Anofrieva, Dalida, and Abba. But the most fun song I would recommend in a moment of bad mood or sadness – is Ding-a-dong performed for the first time at the Eurovision song contest in 1975!" – said Vasilyev.

The presenter previously told TASS that the first was self-medicating. The fifth of April the cough, gradually raised the temperature. Vasiliev was treated with tea, lemon, ginger, soda, tincture of ginseng. Later called an ambulance, took the test, Vasilyev was taken to the hospital in Kommunarka, where the scan found bilateral lung inflammation. Speaking of admission to the hospital Kommunarka, the presenter praised the work of doctors, medical staff and facilities.

Vasilev – the known theatrical artist, interior designer and art historian and fashion historian. Since 2008 he is sending "Fashion verdict". His co-host, people’s artist of the RSFSR, head of the theatre "Russian song" lady Gaga had previously also been hospitalized with pneumonia. The representative 70-year-old singer reported that her test for the coronavirus came back negative. The Deputy of Moscow city Council Evgeny Gerasimov told later that the artist put into an artificial coma. This week, April 14, it became known that the singer was taken out of the coma, she "conscious, stable, with a good positive dynamics".