the Most desirable country to travel among Russian tourists was Italy. This was reported in a study of online service OneTwoTrip received by the editors”.ru”.

Responding to a question about which country they would like to go in the first place after the opening of external borders, the majority (13.75 per cent) chose Italy, and Spain (9.4%) and Portugal (6.3 percent).

in addition, a list of the most desirable areas hit Thailand (6 percent), Turkey (5 percent) and Greece (4.4%). Domestic tourists also noted Georgia, the USA, Japan and France.

in Addition, experts found out that many Russians have no matter where to go, they are ready to buy the tickets in the first foreign country that welcomes tourists from Russia.

Earlier in July, it became known that the Federal air transport Agency has extended the ban on international air travel and entry into Russia of foreign citizens on the background of the pandemic coronavirus until August 1. The relevant telegram, the Agency sent out to airports. Thus, it is not only about restriction on entry to Russia, but also abroad.

the plans Of the Russian airlines to resume flights abroad became known on June 7. “Interfax” with reference to an informed source reported that this may happen on 15 July with a steady decline in the number infected with the coronavirus and subject to strict Board of health regulations. It was assumed that the first can resume flights to the countries of the Eurasian economic community and the CIS.