Became known the details of the capture of Russian sailors by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea

Konteineros Tommi Ritscher, anchored in the port of Cotonou (Benin, West Africa), were captured operating in the area of the Gulf of Guinea pirates Sunday, April 19. Just on the ship there were about 20 sailors, 11 of them were able to hide from the bandits in the room. Later it became known that the invaders still managed to leave the Board along with eight crew members, three of whom are our compatriots. The expert shared with the “MK” the details of this situation.

“Initially, the boat with the pirates approached containerbase, and some of them climbed aboard, says “MK” chief editor network edition “Maritime Bulletin” Mikhail VOITENKO. – Someone from members of the crew managed to activate a panic button to report capture and take refuge in a safe area. However, “the citadel” got not all sailors. The bandits were still able to capture 8 people”.

At this time, the captured cargo ship sailed a warship Benin. According to the journalist, some of the pirates managed to escape on the boat, which stood at containerbase. The rest of the bandits left on Board, having as a human shield for eight crew members. Then started trading with the shipowner.

“Representatives of the German company, which owns the Tommi Ritscher, came to Portugal (the ship sailing under the flag of this country – MK) was asked to intervene and to exert pressure on Benin and Nigeria, so they do not have got to storm a cargo ship – continues Mikhail Voitenko. – Because in this case some of the hostages could just die. However, Portugal was frankly given up on these calls by hand, explaining it to that has nothing to do with containerbase or this situation in General.”

Later hijacked ship has sailed a ship of the Navy of Nigeria. After the information appeared that the military boarded this containerbase.

“They, of course, found neither the pirates or the hostages, but rescued those sailors who took refuge in a “citadel” – says the journalist. Although their release was not required, it was enough just to say that the ship is no more bandits.”

All information available to date come from the words of the authorities of Benin, Nigeria and the shipowner, who in such a situation, according to experts, is forced to keep his mouth shut to avoid mishaps.

“the information is quite crumpled and crumpled – emphasizes Mikhail Voitenko. – Still unclear how it really is. Most likely, the pirates approached the new boat and took them along with the hostages. I hope that all came out shooting, the captured guys were not injured and waiting in the pirate camp until they are redeemed by the shipowner. It is at the moment the most favorable situation.”

Recall, January 6, 2020 year, the pirates fired oil AMBIKA dredger off the coast of Nigeria, marching under the flag of this country. Then from the vessel, which is used for laying underwater pipelines, were captured and subsequently kidnapped two Russian sailors and one Indian. The attack was followed by exchange of fire between the bandits and security personnel aboard, in which four people died and two were injured.

a few days Later during the RAID, the prisoners rescued. One of the invaders were arrested, several were killed, the others sought.