journalists of the TV channel CNN has tracked possible way of complaint a former employee of the Senate Tara Reid allegedly directed against the most likely candidate from the Democratic party in the upcoming elections, the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden after being molested with his hand.

the Results of their investigation on the alleged fate of the document published on the website of the TV channel.

according to CNN, is still a question, whether there was a complaint at all. According to Reid, it sent a relevant document in 1993 the personnel Department of the Capitol. Thus the woman are not able to specify the employee’s name or the exact name of the unit that took her application. At the same time, Biden said that no complaints against him during the time he held the post of Senator from the state of Delaware, have been reported.

After Reid voiced his accusations against the former Vice President, the public is encouraged to declassify. However, Biden voted against such initiatives, stating that the records will become public only after he completes his public activities and political career. The politician stressed that in the current situation when it is involved in the presidential race, to grant access to documents to a wide audience not because of what he said once words can be taken out of context and used against him. He also noted that the complaint of the reed, if it exists, could not be in University, and should be kept in the National archive, which transmit all such documents.

In the University said that it will be able to publish transmitted by Biden’s record only with the consent of the policy. They also stressed that neither the former Vice President, nor its representatives visited the University archives from November 2019. Before that, when visiting them is always accompanied by the school staff, so they have not been able to remove any documents.

In the National archives, where they were to be transferred to all HR documents and time-related senatorstva Biden, said that can provide any information for this account only with the permission of the Senate. While in the office of the Senate when asked, explained that he does not have the right to publish the documents in their possession, as it is prohibited by Federal law. Moreover, it said that they can’t even confirm or deny the existence of complaints, as this also would be a violation of the law.

a Former employee of the U.S. Senate about a month ago told the world about her experienced sexual harassment on the part of Joe Biden. P�� said Reid, in 1993, in one of the corridors of the Capitol American politician, who then held the post of Senator from the state of Delaware, without permission, kissed her, touched her, and insisted on intimate relationships. Despite the fact that the woman told about the incident three senior aides to Biden and the Department of the Senate to work with the staff, no action in respect of the policy was not adopted. The office of Biden, in turn, has categorically rejected the accusations, calling the suit on the alleged incident as “false”.