Became known new powers Saakashvili it would be a sign on the door

the Ukrainians threw a topic of debate. Vladimir Zelensky invited to his reformist team of Mikhail Saakashvili, and he readily agreed to a minor role in the government of Denis Smagala. The ex-President of Georgia will be no Ministerial posts, no staff, no budget. Will except a sign on the door of the Cabinet and a personal car from the government garage. In addition, he decided not to close excited before.

January 15 this year, criminal proceedings against Saakashvili, not so long ago ruled the Odessa region. The Kiev district court of Odessa pronounced a sentence, which involves at least one proven evidence of Saakashvili committing a criminal offence. The accused in that case of ex-Chairman of Zakharovskaya district administration Franchuk I. D. showed during the interview in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the then head of the Odessa region, Saakashvili N. M. last promised Franchuk salary in the amount of $2000. The question surprised Dmitri Ivanovich about the origin of the funds, Saakashvili said, the money you and my other subordinates ensure… the American taxpayers. From the point of view of the law of Ukraine “On state service”, the act of a government official a criminal offense.

the Russian and Ukrainian media in 2015 is readily quoted Mikheil Saakashvili, who shared with the audience heard from the then US Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt generous promises “the anti-corruption team”. From diplomat was the US government willing to pay the Odessa officials recruited Saakashvili, and for training Odessa police best practices in the fight against crime, particularly economic, from California will be shipped by the best instructors of American police.

we have to admit: the amount of the official salaries of the leadership of the state administration and really looked ridiculous. For example, the Governor received 5600 hryvnias ($205), his first Deputy – 4980 UAH. (182 U.S. dollars), and adviser to the head of regional state administration Maria Gaidar worked for a measly 1218 hryvnia or $ 45. Not in the day. A month!

“most favored” Saakashvili was created not only in Washington but also in Kiev. The newly appointed head of the largest Ukrainian region was the chief of the regional police cupola – the notorious Giorgi Lortkipanidze, the head of the regional Prosecutor David Sakvarelidze, “its” chief customs – Yulia Marushevska, those who manage the role of activists of Euromaidan. The only head-enforcer, not subordinate “the Georgian Varyag”, was Sergey Batrakov. Saakashvili was constantly plagued then-President Petro Poroshenko’s requirements for dismissal of this “odsokursnika Vladimir Putin” from a post of the head of Department of SBU in Odessa region, accusing the General transferred to Kiev, allegedly “distorted information” about the situation in the region. Successfully filled up the work in the region-the donor, Saakashvili’s November 8, 2016, a loud “slam the door”. Guilty his management of the insolvency of the ex-President of Georgia, in addition to the General Batrakova, was also called Petro Poroshenko and his entourage.

Against the second coming of pseudoregister Saakashvili expressed is that the team members of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. Over time it became clear that managerial hierarchy was ten times more efficient and more successful than the present.

“That’s the job of the sovereign roofs and jail Miho Saakashvili? – asks the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of several convocations of the previous Vitaly Zhuravsky. – If this is the position of “Deputy Prime Minister for reforms,” allow me to ask, what are they? If the police reforms, no really, thank you. Two Georgian Zguladze and Dekanoidze evaporated, about the police having the same performance as a mute Opera. If the reform of medicine, which was ruled by half-educated philosopher Kvitashvili, – with him, my dear, killed the sanitary-epidemiological service, which is particularly acute in the period of the epidemic. If the reform of the Prosecutor’s office, after competitions, memorable Sakvarelidze, the prosecution was left with horns Yes legs. About the scandals in Odessa, Avakov is also unlikely someone forgot.”

“I wholeheartedly support the appointment of Mikhail Saakashvili in the Cabinet Denis Smagala – sarcastically says the former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash. – Will not be worse. Worse nowhere. But the catalyst for greatness will accelerate the elimination of ze team. It will be fun and noisy. Avakov will be happy. Wherever you look, some advantages; we look forward to returning Zguladze, Dekanoidze, Kvitashvili, Sakvarelidze, Lortkipanidze and others. Fun planned self-destruct!..”.

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