Hot dispute took place between the President of the United States Donald trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel due disagreement on the “Nord stream — 2”, a situation with NATO and relations with China, said may 29 edition of Politico.

citing a senior U.S. official, the publication notes that the dispute broke out during a phone conversation in may. In the end, Merkel has refused personal participation in the G7 summit in the United States.

“during a phone call this week between the leaders arose hot disagreements on such topics as NATO, the gas pipeline “Nord stream 2″ relationship with China,” the article reads.

the Official Berlin and the White house did not confirm these data.

may 20, trump said he plans to hold the head to the G7 summit in his country residence in camp David in Washington state as an example, the normalization of the situation with coronavirus in the world.

may 27, Merkel told a briefing that relations with USA are not developing as good as she would like, and there are many contradictions. However, she stressed that security in Europe is impossible without NATO, and Washington is a key ally of the Europeans.

the United States actively oppose the construction of the “Nord stream — 2”. They have already introduced in December sanctions against the project and threatened to push the limits.

Berlin criticizes the approach of the American administration, indicating that the pipeline is extremely important for Europe.

in addition, in recent months, the White house is to punish China, which is allegedly responsible for the spread of coronavirus.