NASA releases the perfume of the cosmos, Kylie Jenner has introduced their masks, and the Russian brand will hold a marathon for all concerned to the issues of green lifestyle and sustainable consumption. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

the sale will be perfume approved by NASA. We finally get to find out what does space smell like

If you ever wondered what does space smell like, then we have good news. You will very soon “feel” the smell. Chemist Steve Pearce has developed for NASA a perfume called Eau de Space, literally, “scent space”.

Initially, he developed this perfume in 2008, for astronauts to become accustomed to the smell of space before you reach orbit. But recently, a team of Space Eau de launched a campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter to the perfume arrived in wide sale.

the Astronauts describe the smell of space as “a mixture of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum.” So perhaps those who like smoky flavors, you should try Eau de Space. It will appear in October and will cost approximately $ 15 (one thousand rubles).

Kylie Jenner released a proprietary fabric mask

Since cloth medical masks have become the most popular and necessary accessory, hundreds of brands have changed their range and began to produce his fashion variations. That Kylie Jenner decided to keep. A couple of weeks ago the owner of a beauty Empire provided a face mask with prints of lips. Finally they went on sale.

the site Skin Kylie said that they are double layer, convenient and re-usable. Is they 14 to $ 28 (from 900 to 1 900 rubles).

Frog print is the most fashionable nail design this summer

We already had seen plenty of nails with leopard print and tortoise prints. This summer in fashion “frog” manicure. And we’re not talking about the usual spotty green frogs, and tropical poisonous species. Their color is spots and stripes of all colors (primarily red, yellow, orange, blue and green). Collected creative works such nail design from instagram.

Marathon for all concerned to the issues of green lifestyle and sustainable consumption

the Brand “Pure Line” is also concerned about the environment and from July 3 to spend in your instagram free #онлайнмарафон_natura. Taking part in it, you can not only become better but to win ecobichon at the hotel.

21 days, each participant learns what eco-friendly cosmetics, learn how to read markings, will love the sport (maybe), learn the secrets and life hacks green lifestyle and learn to eat for the benefit of the beauty, work on my attitude and learn sensible consumption.

All six live broadcasts with expert professionals, useful check-lists and life hacks, as well as a nice beauty gift. To join the marathon, you must register on the site.